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Yitzhak Greenfields studio in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.

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1999 Wall Painting at Ohel Shmuel Synagogue, Jerusalem, Israel.
1996 Triptych painting "Out of The Depths", The Hebrew University School of Medicine, Hadasah, Ein-Kerem Jerusalem, Israel.
1983 The Menorah: A Relief print based on archaeological sources, commissioned by TheHebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
1974 Designed a special poster for The Department of Middle-Eastern Arts and Architecture, The Brooklyn Museum, New York.
1973 Wall painting "Pray for The Peace of Jerusalem" Commissioned by The Government of Israel for The International Communication Center in Geneva, Switzerland.

Wall Painting at Ohel Shmuel Out of The Depths


Chopin's Piano, A book of poems by Charles Fishman
Yitzhak Greenfield Illustrations.
Publisher: Stanley Barkan. Cross-cultural Communications. Merrick NY.
1997 "From Baal to Ashtoret" Poems by Paul Raboff, illustrated by Yitzhak Greenfield. Gefen Press, Jerusalem, Israel.
1988 "The Dream Assembley" Tales of Rebbi Zalman Shechter, illustraterd by Yitzhak Greenfield. Amity House Inc., Warwick, New York.
1979 "Gathering The Sparks" Poems by Howard Schwartz, Illustrated by Yitzhak Greenfield. Singing Wind Press, Saint Louis, Missouri.
1978 "Kelim" Poems by Howard Schwartz illustrated by Yitzhak Greenfield. Renaissance Press, Haifa, Israel.
1976 "Wind and Earth" Poems by Nathan Yonathan, illustrated by Yitzhak Greenfield. Sifriyat Hapoalim Press, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

From Baal to Ashtoret The Dream Assembley Wind and Earth
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