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Ten series of paintings and prints

Jerusalem Visions
Landscapes that capture the timelessness of the Eternal City. "Yitzhak Greenfield has become the incarnation of an art inspired by and expressing Jerusalem."Miriam Tal, International Association of Art Critics.
Jerusalem in black, white and grey
Encounters in black, white and grey. 1964-1970 early mixed media works expressing the artists first impressions of the city he choose to work and live in.
Ein Kerem Landscapes
Acrylic paintings on paper. Yitzhak Greenfields studio and home is in Ein Kerem ,a unique suburb of Jerusalem, reminiscent of Tuscany because of the many churches and old pine and cypress trees planted many years ago. Yitzhak presents a group of of these landscapes, a theme he frequently returns to, to you.
Jerusalem Collage Series
A collage series made of handmade papers and details from the artists prints from ancient cylinder seal sources from Babylonia. Giclee prints from this series are available.
Mystic Geometric Ideograms
This series of acrylic paintings on scored and folded paper consists of two hundred works. " The impetus behind this series is the need to discover a graphic language for representing concepts and ideas, even the pure heavenly light cherished by Jewish theology and Kabalah " Paul Rabof, Mystic Language Through Painting.'
Still life
Pomegranates,Quinces, lemons and peppers. A lifegiving series of acrylic and oil paintings on paper and canvas. This series was started during the Gulf War, 1991. one man shows of these Still life paintings which integrated landscape elements were shown At the Nora Gallery in Jerusalem, The Amber Gallery in Leiden Holland.andin a Studio Show in Ein Kerem.
Hebrew letter landscapes and meditation prints
Hebrew letters as inspiration for meditation. In this series of paintings and prints Yitzhak Greenfield presents icons for contemplation.
Amulet paintings
These paintings were inspired by ideograms from old Hebrew books of medicine and healing. This recent series was shown at the Greenfield Studio Gallery in Ein Kerem in 2001.
Object prints
This series of prints using authentic archeological objects is an essential part of the printmaking endeavors of Yitzhak Greenfield. "Yitzhak Greenfield has developed a profoundly fascinating means of using the past. He has recast the imagery of Assyrian and Babylonian cylinderl seals, Second Temple Era Hebrew inscriptions, tooled bookbindings and old type faces into new intaglilo prints."Craig B. Bailey, New York City.
Acrylic and collages and tape mixed media work on paper and board
Landscapes from the Kibbutz period
(exhibited at the Nora Gallery Jerusalem)
Zoom 18 2010
Presented at David Gerstein, Tel Aviv & Nora Gallery, Jerusalem
Untitled Document