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Yitzhak Greenfield.

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Yitzhak Greenfield is a leading Israeli artist focusing on paintings of Jerusalem. His work is inspired by living and working in Jerusalem. Yitzhak's paintings and prints reflect the deep interest of the artist in Judaism, Kabbalah and archeology.

still life in studio the studio
Yitzhak Greenfield in his Jerusalem studio

Yitzhak Greenfield was born in Brooklyn New York. He studied art in The Educational Alliance Art School in New York. He studied printmaking in Venice Italy. Yitzhak came to Israel and lived on Kibutz Gal-on and Ein Hashophet. He established his studio and gallery in Ein Kerem Jerusalem.

"Yitzhak Greenfield has become the incarnation of an art inspired by and expressing Jerusalem. This alchemy is a result of his great talent, his poetic mind, his dedication to his art and his professional achievements as a painter and a printmaker. The landscape of Israel, especially the Earthly and Heavenly Jerusalem, has always been a major source of his art. His love of the Bible, the Kabbalah and archeology has brought new elements into his unique vision" Miriam Tal: International Association of Art Critics.

still life in studio the studio
Yitzhak Greenfield in his Jerusalem studio


1983 Received an award from The Society for Jewish Art, Jerusalem, Israel.
1956 Received The Dizengoff Award for Fine Art from the city of Tel-Aviv, Israel.

"In Yitzhak Greenfield's landscapes discovery of his environment and crystallization of his technique are intermeshed, developed in parallel... The results are closer to symbols than to simple visual realities."
Yona Fischer, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

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